Heidi’s House has a solid, standard menu, great wine options, and some of the friendliest service in the city, but the reason we’re going back? Heidi’s chocolate souffle.


Our previous experience with souffles in NYC run around $12 or more for a few tiny bites of decent chocolate. Not at Heidi’s House. This souffle was baked when ordered [trust me, I touched the ceramic bowl] and huge. Jon stopped when we were half-way through [from the kindness of his manly heart] and left the rest to me. The outer layer was rich, semi-sweet, and had a perfect baked texture without being overly crisp. The middle, though.. oh the middle.. was like drinking pure, melted dark-chocolate Belgian fudge. The potential for chocolate overload was balanced, however, with a homemade touch: sea salt crystals around the outside. The best bites were a combination of melted sweet inside with the salted, scraped-from-the-bowl baked outside. Simple, but outstanding.

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