If there’s one thing that we value above all else, it’s balance of flavour. That’s not to say every item on a plate needs to be balanced in its own right, but if you want to have something distinctly sweet, serve it next to something sour, salty, bitter, or hearty- maybe under a sauce that’s all four.

Less sweet than a kiss on the cheek.

That being said, we’d never had a balanced French Toast until Gravy. Where most French Toasts are by and large too sugary, this Bananas Foster French Toast is just right.

“But wait a second,” I hear you crying out in panic, “isn’t Bananas Foster a dessert?! And won’t two sweets make it too sweet toot-sweet?!!?”

Well, yes. Traditionally it is, smarty-pants. However, strange as it may sound, adding the elements of this dessert only serves to kick the sweetness down a notch (Un-Bam? De-Bam? Anti-Bam? Undead-Bam?). Yep, the tart bitterness of toasted sugar actually balances out the sweetness. What this allows to happen- which again, we’ve never experienced- is that you can taste the light, hearty flavour of the eggs themselves and the umami undertones of the maple syrup. Tartly bitter, slightly sour, lightly salty, very hearty AND just the right amount of sweet. All in one delicious entrée. Oh, and there were banana slices. Those were nice.

Less spicy than a sassy girlfriend.

Next up: the Tasso Benedict. Jon is a sucker for benedicts. You should know that about him. They’re his favourite breakfast. As such, he’s always excited with new variations, but very critical of the final result and how it matches up to the “classic” benedict. If you’re not familiar (we weren’t), “tasso” ham is “Cajun” ham. Which means, of course, that it’s spicy! Add this spicy creole ham to a few poached eggs, some arugula, home-made biscuits, and chipotle hollandaise sauce and ooh boy, you’ve got yourself one spicy “Looziana” benedict, right!? Well, not quite. The dish turned out to be, again, well-balanced, just like a good party where everyone gets along. The ham was just spicy enough to bring the chipotle hollandaise, which brought the eggs with it, who brought the biscuits. Then arugula just showed up by itself, but it’s angsty bitterness got along well with the sharp cayenne of the tasso ham. Success!

We can’t wait to go back for dinner, but just the brunch itself was balanced and interesting enough to bump Gravy into our regular rotation. That’s saying something.

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  1. Devon says:

    That Tasso Benedict is making me wish it was still Sunday morning. Mouth is watering.


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