We’ve both lived most of our lives in Texas, where chiles rellenos reign. Without fail, 99% of the time, they’re battered, fried, and stuffed with buttery meat and at LEAST one type of cheese. I can’t eat dairy, so sadly it’s been years since I’ve had a proper “chili relleno.” Though it may be simply called the “Stuffed Poblano,” the chile relleno at Pan American is not only tummy-friendly, but it’s simply one of the best I’ve ever had, despite it’s ashen appearance.


Most “regular” rellenos use a flour/egg batter that fries into a thick, pretty (and very heavy) golden hue, but this relleno looks more like a bumpy grilled pepper because it uses rice flour. While not the prettiest outcome, the finished result is wonderfully light and scrumptious. That also means this baby is gluten free (for you other intolerant types out there).

The delicious rice shell is minimal and the frying is just enough to give it the necessary crunch without sogging up the pepper and weighing down the diner. Instead of villainous cheese stuffing, quinoa, kale, and vegan sausage provide the hearty [AND healthy] flavor inside. It’s served with a swath of homemade spicy tomato coulis, which brings out a great meaty flavour from the pepper itself.

Vegans, vegetarians, and intolerants of all shapes and sizes rejoice: Executive Chef Harry Stoehr is determined to keep his menu food-allergy-friendly and option-heavy for all.

Want to experience the Pan American for yourself? Take your wife, girlfriend, or some broad from the street to their Aphrodisiac-themed five course Valentine’s Day dinner.

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  1. alaina says:

    nice! I support this pepper!


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