Growing up, I was never a flan fan. Something turned me away. I can’t remember if it was the jelly texture, the milky flavour, the brown-but-not-chocolate appearance, or a combination of the three. I just remember that I didn’t like it. As I moved into adulthood, that feeling never really went away
…until a few nights ago at Tabaré.

I’m really big on asking for recommendations. I don’t always take the suggestions, but I do always ask to get a feel for what the server knows about their favourite dishes, which items the restaurant is famous for, etc. So it wasn’t too much of a stretch when I decided to follow our lovely waitress’s insistent advice and order the Manjar del cielo (Dulce de leche flan) instead of their Torta de chocolate negro- flourless chocolate cake and/or anything dark chocolate being my usual dessert pick.

Please excuse the chunk out of the top in the back... sometimes we forget to take a picture until after the first bite...

Boy was she right. I had seen a fresh tray of piping hot “heavenly delicacies” pass by our table, but I wasn’t prepared for how aptly named they were. The perfect creaminess of that first bite swirled with milky, sugary, caramely heaven. Of course, it was as balanced as any incredibly rich dessert can be, with slightly bitter notes of almost-coffee-ish burnt sugar, and an overall umami heartiness.

So like my father before me, I am now a flan fan and until the end of my days I will seek out and compare all other flans to this wonderful Manjar del cielo.

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