Barbeque holds a special place in my Texan heart. I’ve smoked briskets and ribs with my dad, driven out to Lexington and Lockhart with my friends, and consider the smoking process an alchemy whereby meat is transformed into golden butter. Needless to say (but said nonetheless), I wore my skeptic’s cap on our recent visit to Fette Sau in Brooklyn… at least until I saw the menu.

THIS + Eggs = Better than your breakfast. Guaranteed.

Sausage? Sure. Ribs? Of course. Brisket? Yes. Bacon?
Um. What?
Bacon, you say?!

Yes. Because bacon isn’t delicious enough, chef Matt Lang decided to turn sweet, sweet bacon into sweet, sweet bacon barbeque. And the results are good enough for inclusion in my imaginary Barbeque Hall Of Delicious Fame. Yes, the BHODF.

The taste is much like a sweet pork version of a good marbled texas brisket with a nice amount of salty, peppery crust in every bite. The meat is tender in most places and deliciously chewy in others, without ever being tough.

The catch- even though the barbeque at Fette Sau was pretty damn good, it wasn’t my favourite. So this smoked pork belly might just be extremely tasty because, well, pork belly is tasty. But there’s no reason to skip something delicious just because it’s supposed to be delicious, right? Right. Get there early to make sure you get some before they run out. Oh, and grab a side of burnt end baked beans- they rock.

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