Yesterday, I ate clove after clove after clove of garlic. Whole.
No, I wasn’t surrounded by vampires, greedily gnashing their teeth at me- I was dining in a sparkly new Manhattan restaurant called Anjappar.

I never thought garlic could be cooked until it was tender and subtle, because, well, garlic is rarely subtle. However, I was a FOOL! Anjappar’s Poondu Kolambu is exactly that- tender enough to fall apart in your mouth, and subdued enough to eat clove after clove. Think of it like a traditional curry, where instead of chicken or lamb chunks, you have whole garlic cloves. Ok, I know- I just had it yesterday and that description still sounds weird and un-appetizing. But it’s not over-garlicky! Fear not, ye mortals! Try it and become forever changed! (again with the vampire similarities…)

Do you Poondu?

The tomato and tamarind-based curry itself is perfectly, and I mean perfectly, seasoned- all the spice in the dish lends itself to flavour rather than heat. In fact, the Poondu Kolambu performed like a well-seasoned negotiator: Taylor- a spice addict- and I- a spice wuss- both walked away feeling like we got what we wanted out of the deal.

And your best vessel for transporting this heavenly (devilish? devilicious?) creation into your mouth? Their “Plain” Parotta, which is without a doubt the freshest, puffiest, most irresistible Indian bread I’ve ever eaten in my life.

They’ve only been open three months, so get there soon and you can say you were one of the cool New Yorkers to discover this gem before everyone else found out.

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