One of our favourite new places to grab a drink and a bite to eat is The Toucan and The Lion.
As explained by the proprietor, Craig Dagata, the toucan represents exotic Southeast Asian flavors, while the lion represents more traditional English flavors.

Take their Scotch eggs- please. Boy, that joke never gets old. Scotch eggs are a traditional British pub food wherein a hard-boiled egg is wrapped in sausage, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep fried. Sounds kind of… thick, right?

They're light, but pack a delicious explosion. Kind of like little, tasty grenades...

Enter Scotch eggs at The Toucan and The Lion. They’re soft-boiled so they stay a bit runny and brightly flavored/colored; wrapped in duck sausage spiced with coriander, fennel, five-spice, and a touch of fish sauce, which gives them a light, freshly seasoned clarity; and breaded in panko breadcrumbs- the lightest and crispiest of all breadcrumbs.

The eggs are then halved and sprinkled with house-made guajillo chili flakes and keffir lime dust, as well as a touch of French sea salt. Three halves are placed on a bed of homemade kaffir lime aioli and served up hot.

The result is perfection: the slightly runny yolk compliments the heartiness of the duck, which is highlighted by the coriander and fish sauce, but balanced by the fennel and five-spice. The soft egg also contrasts beautifully with the crisp outer exterior, and subconsciously reminds you to dip each bite into the smooth, creamy aioli. And perhaps most subtly, the smoky-but-sweet guajillo chili flakes compliment the spiced duck and the tart undertones in the kaffir dust and aioli.

If you prefer your condiments made into a drink, however, try their house-rendered balsamic vermouth in the Black Night cocktail. It’s another bit of wonderful.

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